There is a clear migration path to meet your needs every step of the way with IMAGE-X document management products and services, from the needs of a small businessperson or professional to the needs of a medical center or manufacturing concern straddling the continent.

IMAGE-X’s Document Imaging System is a highly developed industrial strength software that allows an organization the flexibility to grow from a stand alone document-imaging scheme to a network system operating in a LAN and WAN environment.

All of our products are built on the same scalable architecture, so they can easily fit your needs no matter the size of your company.

The system is based on an open architecture and is independent of operating systems, hardware platforms, and application databases.
The imaging system interfaces with a number of scanners and optical storage devices including optical drives, optical jukeboxes and CD-ROM drives. Every component on the imaging network is considered an additional node. This allows the imaging system to grow with the
EDAR allows interactive communication between the sender and the recipient through an electronic window. Documents can be submitted, and approved by the recipient through the electronic window. Once the clerk of the recipient has approved the filing, it is given an electronic stamp of approval and an email is sent to the filer confirming approval of the document.