Exciting DevOps conferences in 2022

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to DevOps 2021 Conferences to help you choose the events to attend. Various conferences and speakers from all over the world will showcase the practical use and technical solutions of DevOps in small and large enterprises.

According to the organizers, the All Day DevOps, Agile XXX DevOps conference provides the latest methods, processes, technologies, tools, and leadership principles.

“To help novices and experienced professionals develop software with faster speed and flexibility while ensuring quality and safety.” All Day DevOps is the world’s largest conference dedicated to sharing DevOps best practices. In addition, the forum by supporters of the DevOps / DevSecOps community has seen the green light.

Topics to be covered include DevOps and continuous testing, agile software testing, behavior-driven development, cloud performance testing, agile test management, and web service testing. In addition, participants can learn from PowerShell and DevOps experts worldwide, including members of the Microsoft PowerShell team, who will discuss best practices. This conference brings DevOps leaders, engineers, and architects implementing DevOps principles and practices in startups and enterprises.

DEVOPS.BARCELONA - DevOps Barcelona Conference 2022
DEVOPS.BARCELONA – DevOps Barcelona Conference 2022

There is an option for everybody

No matter which DevOps conference you choose. You’ll hear like-minded people from around the world, experts and opinion leaders, inspiring innovators, software developers, and peers. DevOps Pro Europe 2022 is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with a thriving, growing, and exciting developer community. Attending the conference means getting to know the latest research, practices, and strategies for DevOps and software that the industry has to offer.

DevOps Days is a global series of technical conferences dedicated to software development and IT infrastructure operations, including automation, testing, security, and organizational culture. Canopy themes include:

  • DevOps and seamless integration validation.
  • Agile software validation.
  • Behavior-driven development.
  • Cloud-based functionality validation.
  • Agile validation management.
  • Web validation.

In addition, they will introduce participants to the PowerShell concept and other DevOps principles and practices.

DOES is more than just a lecture on DevOps’ technical and architectural practices. The largest gathering of Jenkins users has nearly 2,000 technology enthusiasts attending. The event will cover many discussions, notably Jenkins, Cloud, DevOps, automated testing, security, process design, and performance measurement. Numerous DevOps conferences highlight the latest frameworks, platforms, software development, and fuq technologies every year. The Agile DevOps East Partner Conference will be virtual on November 15-19.

Continuous Lifecycle London is a three-day conference that brings together the best leaders in DevOps, containerization, continuous delivery, and agile development. The National DevOps Conference is a UK event that brings hands-on presentations, and leadership workshops led and hosted by industry leaders to the software community at home and abroad. The conference, hosted by supporters from the DevOps / DevSecOps community, includes many sessions and speakers worldwide to showcase DevOps’ practical use and technical solutions in small and large enterprises.

Agile DevOps will offer the latest techniques, processes, technologies, tools, and leadership principles to “help novice and seasoned professionals create faster, more flexible software while meeting quality and safety requirements,” the organizers say. This agreement focuses on the fundamental principles and concepts of the DevOps method. It shows how to use typical maximum DevOps models for development, deployment, and programming, both on-premises and in the cloud. Check out reviews of other conferences, including leading IT/tech conferences, programming, software developer conferences, and cybersecurity conferences.

Special sessions and seminars

Participants by PowerShell and DevOps experts worldwide will improve their method by adding Microsoft PowerShell team members to share best practices. In addition to discussions and conferences, the event hosts special sessions, seminars, pieces of training, and certification programs for Jenkins and DevOps. The event, sponsored by Powershell.org, will see members of the PowerShell product development team, Microsoft MVP, developers, and sysadmins, among others, talk to attendees.

DeveloperWeek 2022 is the most extensive series of developer conferences and events, including the DeveloperWeek 2022 conference and exhibition, a hackathon with over 1,000 attendees, a recruitment fair for 800+ attendees, and a series of seminars, technical discussions, and keynote addresses.

TechWell, Agile, + DevOps is all about software quality professionals. The event will discuss machine learning technologies to improve DevOps practices. DevOps Days bills itself as a series of global community conferences for anyone interested in improving IT. Mobile developers, developers and architects, software architects, DevOps engineers, corporations, startup executives, and team managers.

Explore the 30 Best DevOps Tools to Look Out For in 2022
Explore the 30 Best DevOps Tools to Look Out For in 2022

DevOps is a method of integrating IT operations and software development. It is also widely used with other DevOps tools (such as Azure DevOps) or monitoring software (such as Micro Focus OpsBridge or Datadog). Available in real-time or on-demand, you will learn about best practices and common challenges and gain valuable experience dealing with the DevOps journey in 2022.

DevOps are here to stay

With technology development, many DevOps tools are becoming more popular, making development and communication easier. The CI/CD pipeline automation course also introduces the advanced DevOps principles and the use of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes to cluster Docker containers. It also includes DevOps tools such as Vagrant, version control systems, Docker, containerization, and configuration management through Chef, SaltStack, Puppet, and Ansible.

However, no software vendor can provide you with all the DevOps tools you need. For example, the Jenkins automation engine allows DevOps teams to access and integrate project changes easily and quickly spot issues. Git is another popular and commonly used DevOps tool among open source contributors and remote teams. For this reason, it is essential to align DevOps with ITSM, CRM, and monitoring and automatically connect all the tools.

In 2022, many events were only online plan big comeback in person, including CES. This principle recognizes that we will all do our best to focus on the NOW. The present time, and place and not get bogged down in what could or should have happened.